30 Day Blog post #11 “favorite book series”

Welcome to post 11 of my 30 Day Blog post! Today I will be talking about my favorite book series which is series of unfortunate events. Now, I know these books seem a bit babyish and short but honestly I loved the thrill of these books. Considering it was the same person as a disguise in every book haha! Here are the book series
1. The Bad beginning
2. The reptile room
3. The Wide window
4.The miserable mill
5.The Austere Academy
6.The Ersatz Elevator
7. The Vile Village
8. The Hostile Hospital
9. The carnivorous Carnival
10. The Slippery slope
11. The Grim Grotto
12.The Penultimate Peril
13. The End
This series is pretty old back from the early 2000’s but I loved these books because it keeps you guessing. What kind of books keep you going name some! Thank you for your support.


I am a very supportive person and I would like to thank everyone that has read my blogs and has supported me these last few months with my start of blogging ! I am 23 years old with a f4 year old son. I love writing and getting to know people who also likes the same as me ! I am a college student and will be done in a year with a Bachelors of science of psychology degree! God bless ! ❤️

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