30 Day Blog challenge Post #10 “what book are you reading”

Hello everyone and welcome back to my new blog post of my 30 Day Blog challenge! So I went to the book store and took forever just to find me a new book to read so I Decided to buy this book called Everything,Everything. It’s a wonderful book so far ! After I read the book I want to watch the movie I guess that’s just my type of thing now . So far, I know that the main character Madeline is very sick and can’t be outside around other people because of the germs . If she’s around any germs she could possibly die. She ends up getting new neighbors and the guy her age catches her eye but she knows not too much can happen because she can’t leave the house . I am now at the part in the book where they finally get to talk through the computer and ask each other a million questions about each other ! I’ll catch you guys up on more when I finish the book 📚 what are some of your favorite books ?


I am a very supportive person and I would like to thank everyone that has read my blogs and has supported me these last few months with my start of blogging ! I am 23 years old with a f4 year old son. I love writing and getting to know people who also likes the same as me ! I am a college student and will be done in a year with a Bachelors of science of psychology degree! God bless ! ❤️

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