30 Day Blog challenge ,things that make me happy part 2 “How to deal with Toddler Meltdowns”

Hey mothers and fathers ! Now, I know you’re thinking how does a toddler having meltdowns make you happy . Well it’s not that it’s more of me loving that my son throws meltdowns but it’s how you handle it as a parent . When my son has a meltdown about someone having a toy he wants , or if he’s just in a cranky mood I stop and talk to him and tell him to breathe and tell me the problem . I don’t like raising my voice at him because I don’t think that works and spanking doesn’t do the job all the time either ! As a mom you know that these things don’t work and sometimes you have to have patience with your child when they are throwing a tantrum! So here’s a list of things to do when you’re child is throwing a tantrum!

  • Talk to them alone to see why they are upset
  • Make them laugh by tickling or even making funny faces
  • Hold them and tell them not to be sad
  • Tell them if they are good for the rest of the day without tantrums then they get a prize

I do this all the time with my son ! Kids have bad and good days like us adults so we have to make them feel better!


I am a very supportive person and I would like to thank everyone that has read my blogs and has supported me these last few months with my start of blogging ! I am 23 years old with a f4 year old son. I love writing and getting to know people who also likes the same as me ! I am a college student and will be done in a year with a Bachelors of science of psychology degree! God bless ! ❤️

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