30 Day Blog post 11 “what do you use on your hair

Hey everyone totally sorry that I haven’t posted in a while just playing catch up with school ,work and life as everyone else ! Today I will be showing you what I use in my hair to make it nice,shiny and soft. These products will work for any hair . I am Indian,Irish,German and African American so I have to use multiple things in my hair to help it stay non dry and frizzy ! here I have posted a quick video of the products I use and they have been helping my hair a lot! When I wash my hair I use the Aussie ofcourse and I leave the conditioner in for 10-15 mins. I think comb my hair thoroughly and wash it out! After my hair is washed out I dry my hair with a towel and apply the softee coconut oil ,the Paul Mitchell cream ,the Paul Mitchell clear serum and then the leave in conditioner. I don’t put a lot of any of these products in my hair so it won’t get greasy or nasty but just enough to make it nice. Here are some directions:

  • 2 pumps of the Paul Mitchell serum
  • A squirt of the Paul Mitchell cream
  • Use your 2 fingers for the oil and rub it through your hair
  • Finally spray the leave in conditioner

Style how you want it(: I usually just blow dry my hair out and flat iron it to have it straight but if you have curly hair I would just let it air dry and leave it curly !

30 Day Blog post #11 “favorite book series”

Welcome to post 11 of my 30 Day Blog post! Today I will be talking about my favorite book series which is series of unfortunate events. Now, I know these books seem a bit babyish and short but honestly I loved the thrill of these books. Considering it was the same person as a disguise in every book haha! Here are the book series
1. The Bad beginning
2. The reptile room
3. The Wide window
4.The miserable mill
5.The Austere Academy
6.The Ersatz Elevator
7. The Vile Village
8. The Hostile Hospital
9. The carnivorous Carnival
10. The Slippery slope
11. The Grim Grotto
12.The Penultimate Peril
13. The End
This series is pretty old back from the early 2000’s but I loved these books because it keeps you guessing. What kind of books keep you going name some! Thank you for your support.

30 Day Blog challenge Post #10 “what book are you reading”

Hello everyone and welcome back to my new blog post of my 30 Day Blog challenge! So I went to the book store and took forever just to find me a new book to read so I Decided to buy this book called Everything,Everything. It’s a wonderful book so far ! After I read the book I want to watch the movie I guess that’s just my type of thing now . So far, I know that the main character Madeline is very sick and can’t be outside around other people because of the germs . If she’s around any germs she could possibly die. She ends up getting new neighbors and the guy her age catches her eye but she knows not too much can happen because she can’t leave the house . I am now at the part in the book where they finally get to talk through the computer and ask each other a million questions about each other ! I’ll catch you guys up on more when I finish the book 📚 what are some of your favorite books ?

30 Day Blog Challenge post # 9 “activities to play with kids indoors”

Hey everyone , once again I appreciate all of you guys support❤️ so as we know I work at a daycare so of-course you have to find activities to do inside that’s fun like the outdoors ! The kids are addicted to snow so instead of them going out in the freezing weather we’ve been having where I live then my boss filled little buckets with snow and the kids played with it for center time. Don’t be afraid to have fun with with the kids since the weather is bad, there’s plenty of more things to do in the winter to get their hands messy! Another few things we do at work with all the kids including the school Age kids are making play dough from water,salt,food coloring and flour! I use Pinterest for all the fun activities! What do you guys do with your child/children on bad weather days ? here’s a photo I wanted to share with the kids are work ! They love indoor activities!

30 Day Blog challenge #8 “Book review”

Hey everyone and welcome to my new post! I love these 30 Day Blog challenges because it keeps everything going and gives you so many more ways to express yourself ! What do you guys think ? So I am a book reader I try to find Atleast 3 books to read but one of my favorites I have read awhile ago was”November Blues” by Sharon M Draper Sharon M Draper is such a good author! This story was based on teen pregnancy and some consequences and taking responsibility! November is the name of the girl in this book and she found out she was pregnant after her boyfriend josh had died from doing a pledge stunt ! It was a very good book and one of my favorites! Here are some more books that I enjoyed reading.

  • Forged by fire
  • All of the fifty shades of grey
  • Series of unfortunate events (always been my favorite)
  • Tears of a tiger
  • The battle of Jericho
  • Darkness before dawn

Add some books to the list that you have read (:

30 Day Blog challenge ,things that make me happy part 2 “How to deal with Toddler Meltdowns”

Hey mothers and fathers ! Now, I know you’re thinking how does a toddler having meltdowns make you happy . Well it’s not that it’s more of me loving that my son throws meltdowns but it’s how you handle it as a parent . When my son has a meltdown about someone having a toy he wants , or if he’s just in a cranky mood I stop and talk to him and tell him to breathe and tell me the problem . I don’t like raising my voice at him because I don’t think that works and spanking doesn’t do the job all the time either ! As a mom you know that these things don’t work and sometimes you have to have patience with your child when they are throwing a tantrum! So here’s a list of things to do when you’re child is throwing a tantrum!

  • Talk to them alone to see why they are upset
  • Make them laugh by tickling or even making funny faces
  • Hold them and tell them not to be sad
  • Tell them if they are good for the rest of the day without tantrums then they get a prize

I do this all the time with my son ! Kids have bad and good days like us adults so we have to make them feel better!